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Tryandreview.com enables you to test products for free, to give your opinion on products as well as consult reviews from other testers. In order to take part in our tests, you must register to the website first. Once registered you must log in to apply to the tests you are interested in. Testers are then being selected among all applicants. Only the selected applicants will be able to get involved in the product test. If you are selected, you will receive the free product to test at home and you must go back to the website to share your opinion about the tested product. To leave a review, you are required to also register and login to our website. If you tried a product yourself or received it through close relations (without taking part in a test campaign), your opinion is also considered and is very valuable! As a matter of fact, your opinions not only help and guide our members but also the consumers in general to make their daily shopping decisions.


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